Neutron Spin Echo Spectrometer (NSE)

Located on guide NG-A, NSE is part of the Center for High Resolution Neutron Scattering (CHRNS) supported by the National Science Foundation. Two-thirds of its beam time is reserved for guest researcher experiments through the NCNR proposal system.

Photograph of NCNR's Neutron Spin Echo Spectrometer (NSE)

Neutron Spin Echo (NSE) spectrometers use the Larmor precession of the neutrons' magnetic moment in a magnetic field as an internal clock to time the transit of the individual neutrons through two large solenoids, one placed before and one placed after the sample. This method allows one to obtain the highest energy resolution possible (sub μeV) over a wide range of incident wavelengths. NSE instruments directly measure the real part of the intermediate scattering function I(Q,t), i.e. the cosine Fourier transform of the scattering function S(Q,ω), and are used to study slow dynamics found in condensed matter systems. Studies carried out at NIST include polymer dynamics, the collective motion of surfactant membrane in solutions, the motion of liquids in confined spaces, and the spin dynamics in frustrated magnets and spin glasses.

You are encouraged to contact one of the NSE instrument responsibles before submitting your proposal to discuss the technical details of the experiment.

Instrument Scientists:
Antonio Faraone (301) 975 5254
Michihiro Nagao (301) 975 5505
NSE Exp. station (301) 975 8460

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