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Structure and properties of transition metal oxyhydrides

Takafumi Yamamoto (Kyoto University, Japan)

Transition-metal oxyhydrides have attracted considerable attention owing to their striking properties, which derive from unique features of a hydride ion. Especially, the lack of phi-orbitals in the hydride valence shell can bring about unprecedented properties in this new class of materials. Here, I present a high pressure research for SrVO2H, which reveals high compressibility and phi-blocking nature of a hydride ion [1]. This research provides a strong motivation for the synthesis of new oxyhydride phases with novel properties. I also present synthesis and characterization of new oxyhydrides which shows a quasi 2D electronic property derived from selective occupation of hydride ions [2].

[1] T. Yamamoto et al. Nat. Commun. 8, 1217 (2017).
[2] T. Yamamoto et al. Chem. Mater. 30, 1566-1574 (2018).

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