Instrument Schedule for dcs

Instrument Schedule For NG-4 -- DCS, Disk-chopper time-of-flight spectrometer (CHRNS)

From 06/18/2012

Start Date# Of DaysIDTitleParticipantsInstitution NameEquipmentContact
Tue 06/19/2012 10:00117487Proton Dynamics in Pyridinium-based Protic Ionic Liquids
  • [1]Timothy Jenkins
  • [2]Don Gervasio
  • [1]Jason Simmons
  • [1]National Institute of Standards and Technology
  • [2]University of Arizona
  • CCR; 30-600K - CCR-H02
    Craig Brown
    Wed 06/20/2012 16:00217537Cooperative length scales in low molecular weight glass formers
  • [1]Marcus Cicerone
  • [2]Madhu Sudan Tyagi
  • [3]Qin Zhong
  • [1]National Institute of Standards and Technology
  • [2]University of Maryland at College Park
  • [3]polymer division
  • CCR; 30-600K - CCR-H02
    Madhu Sudan Tyagi

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