DCS Instrument Schedule 200801

Date Days ID TitleParticipants Affiliation Equip Contact
Thu Jan 3 2008 2 11803 Dynamics of water in {Mo72Fe30} icosaedral cluster Faraone*
U. Florence
CCR; 10-325K Copley
Sat Jan 5 2008 2 11536 Temperature dependence of the magnetic excitations in Tb3Ga5O12 Kamazawa* and Louca* U. Virginia 11.5T Vertical Field Superconducting Magnet; 40mK-40K Copley
Mon Jan 7 2008 4 10131 Magnetic excitations in the spin ladder compound (C5D12N)2CuBr4 Granroth*, Nagler*, and Sherline*
Savici* and Broholm*
Meisel* and Pajerowski*
Oak Ridge
Johns Hopkins U.
U. Florida
70mm ILL Cryostat; 1.5-300K Brown
Fri Jan 11 2008 2 11537 Pressure effects on the spin-state transitions in perovskite cobaltites Louca* and Yu* U. Virginia Pressure Cell; < 10 kbar Copley
Sun Jan 13 2008 4 6364 Spin excitation spectrum in copper nitrate under hydrostatic pressure (conclusion) Hong*, Broholm* and Stock
Johns Hopkins U.
10 kbar Pressure cell + ILL 70 mm Cryostat + pressure rig Copley
Thu Jan 17 2008 4 11353 Low energy excitations in YBCO6.45 Li*
U. Tennessee Knoxville
Oak Ridge
70mm ILL Cryostat; 1.5-300K Copley
Mon Jan 21 2008 0 - Transmission studies (~2 hours) Rodriguez* NCNR None Copley
Mon Jan 21 2008 4 9357 Study of Exchange Interactions in Y1-xLaxVO3 by Inelastic Neutron Powder Scattering Yan* and McQueeney
Ames Laboratory
CCR, 5-325K Brown
Fri Jan 25 2008 0 - Transmission studies (~0.5 hour) Rodriguez* NCNR None Copley
Fri Jan 25 2008 3 9260 Nanoparticle Dynamics Aronson*, Feygenson*, and Kim
CCR Brown
Mon Jan 28 2008 5 9103 Incommensurate Spin Ordering and Fluctuations in Underdoped La2-xBaxCuO4 with x=0.0125, 0.0375 and 0.075 Zhao*, Dunsiger, Gaulin*, Mazurek, van Gastel* and Jelovic* McMaster U. 70mm ILL Cryostat; 1.5-300K Copley
Sat Feb 2 2008 2 11760 Magnetic correlations in a semi-classical S = 3/2 triangular antiferromagnet Lee*, Kim* and Cui*
U. Virginia
HMI Berlin
70mm ILL Cryostat; 1.5-300K Copley
Mon Feb 4 2008 6 9181 A quasielastic neutron study on Li diffusion in Li ion battery LiMn2O4 Ikedo*, Mukai*, Harada*, Nozaki, and Sugiyama*
Sato* and Iida*
Toyota Central R&D Labs., Inc.
U. Tokyo
CCR; 30-600K Brown