DCS Instrument Schedule 200510

Date Days ID TitleParticipants Affiliation Equip Contact
Thu Oct 13 2005 4 5725 The search for hidden order and itinerant-style spin excitations in URu2Si2 Buyers*
Luke and MacDougall*
Chalk River
Florida State U
McMaster U
John Hopkins U
70mm DCS cryostat Qiu
Mon Oct 17 2005 4 5734 Dynamics of guest molecules trapped in metal-organic framework (MOF) structures Yildirim* and Hartman* NCNR 70mm DCS cryostat Brown
Fri Oct 21 2005 3 - No neutrons - - - -
Mon Oct 24 2005 7 5932 Hydration dynamics near model peptides in the presence of co-solvents Head-Gordon and Malardier-Jugroot*
UC Berkeley
U. Rome
10-325K CCR Copley
Mon Oct 31 2005 4 5814 Molecular dynamics of confined trehalose solutions Lelong*, Saboungi and Price CRMD Orleans 70mm DCS cryostat Brown
Fri Nov 4 2005 5 5934 Measurements of spin-spin exchange constants in Zn(Mn)O and Zn(Co)O at high pressures and ambient pressure Giebultowicz* and Wiren*
Oregon State U
Warsaw U
Pressure cell and 70mm DCS cryostat Brown
Wed Nov 9 2005 3 6185 (BTR) "Futher" studies of Ammonia Borane Brown*
Hess and Autrey
10-325K CCR Brown
Sat Nov 12 2005 2 6194 (BTR) Low frequency spin dynamics in AFM frustrated magnets Gardner* NIST/BNL 50mm cryostat/dilution insert Gardner
Mon Nov 14 2005 4 5812 Exchange fields and the dynamics of Co nanoparticles Aronson*, Inderhees* and Strycker*
U. of Michigan
5-325K CCR Qiu
Fri Nov 18 2005 5 6199 (BTR) Magnetic excitations in the electron-doped cuprate Pr.88Ce.12LaCuO4(Tc=24K) Dai, Wilson* and Li
U. Tennessee
70mm DCS cryostat Qiu