DCS Instrument Schedule 200503

Date Days ID TitleParticipants Affiliation Equip Contact
Thu Mar 10 2005 0 - Instrument tests DCS team NCNR None Copley
Fri Mar 10 2005 2 5598 Magnetic correlations in a spin glass phase of Cd1-xZnxV2O4 Louca*, Zhang* and Lee* U. Virginia DCS 70mm cryostat Qiu
Sat Mar 12 2005 2 5599 Magnetic correlations in ZnMn2O4 Ratcliff* NCNR DCS 70mm cryostat Qiu
Mon Mar 14 2005 5 5604 Coupling of the mobility of trehalose and a phospholipid Garcia-Sakai*
dePablo, Doxastakis* and Ohtake
Penn State U.
U. Wisconsin
30-600K CCR Copley
Sat Mar 19 2005 2 5384 Self motion of atactic polypropylene and head-to-head polypropylene Maranas, Eggert* and Liu Penn State U. 30-600K CCR Copley
Mon Mar 21 2005 1 - Summer school experiment practice (C60) DCS team NCNR 10-325K CCR Brown
Tue Mar 22 2005 2 5677 Dispersion of the gapped excitation of BaCuSi2O6 Qiu*
Los Alamos Natl. Lab.
DCS 70mm cryostat Qiu
Thu Mar 24 2005 4 5337 Changes in magnetic interactions at the quantum critical point Montfrooij* and Kahveci
de Visser
U. Missouri
U. Michigan
U. Amsterdam
50mm cryostat/dilution insert, 50mK-300K Qiu
Mon Mar 28 2005 2 5607 Dynamics of hydrogen storage materials (part 1) Yildirim*, Hartman*, Udovic* and Rush NCNR DCS 70mm cryostat Brown
Wed Mar 30 2005 1 5669 Spin correlations in triangular rare earth silicides Chung*
Sungkyunkwan U.
DCS 70mm cryostat Qiu
Thu Mar 31 2005 5 5431 Magnetic field dependence of the magnetic excitation spectrum in K2V3O8 Lumsden* and Nagler Oak Ridge Natl. Lab. 11.5T cryomagnet Qiu
Tue Apr 5 2005 2 5178 Magnetic correlations in ordered iron-based nanoparticles Ijiri* and Leitner
Majetich and Kan*
Oberlin College
Carnegie-Mellon U.
Los Alamos NL
10-325K CCR Qiu
Thu Apr 7 2005 1 5611 Search for a new RVB state in the triangular antiferromagnet Ba3CuSb2O9 Ratcliff* and Yinanc
Rutgers U.
DCS 70mm cryostat Qiu
Fri Apr 8 2005 2 5983 Excitations in the magnetoelectric Tb3Fe5O12 Ratcliff* NCNR DCS 70mm cryostat Qiu
Sun Apr 10 2005 1 5942 Crystal field excitations and spin waves in ferroelectric HoMnO3 Vajk* and Lynn
Cheong and Kim
Rutgers University
DCS 70mm cryostat Qiu
Mon Apr 11 2005 6 5607 Dynamics of hydrogen storage materials (part 2) Yildirim*, Hartman*, Udovic* and Rush* NCNR DCS 70mm cryostat Brown
Sun Apr 17 2005 11 - No neutrons - - - -