DCS Instrument Schedule 200407

Date Days ID TitleParticipants Affiliation Equip Contact
Thu Jul 1 2004 0 4677 Hydration water dynamics around well-defined secondary structure (conclusion) Russo
UC Berkeley
LLB Saclay
10-325K CCR Copley
Thu Jul 1 2004 7 3121D Neutron scattering studies of frustrated magnets Broholm* and Jonas*
Nakatsuji and Maeno
Johns Hopkins U.
U. Kyoto
ILL cryostat Qiu
Thu Jul 8 2004 4 4943 Dynamics of glassy sugars Pivovar* NCNR 10-325K CCR Brown
Mon Jul 12 2004 2 4960 Dynamics of encapsulated C60 inside single walled carbon nanotubes Nemes*
Simon and Kuzmany
U. Vienna
10-325K CCR Copley
Wed Jul 14 2004 5 4641 Quasielastic study of the translational motion of water in the interior of small reverse micelles Herwig*, Walker* and Miller*
Harpham*, Levinger and Ladanyi
Colorado State U.
10-325K CCR Peral
Mon Jul 19 2004 2 4956 Quasielastic neutron scattering of hydrogen in palladium nanoparticles Narehood*, Sokol* and Eklund Penn State U. 30-600K CCR plus pressure cell Copley
Wed Jul 21 2004 4 4958 Spin dynamics in M2HoSbO6 (M=Ba or Sr) Gardner* NCNR ILL cryostat Qiu
Sun Jul 25 2004 2 5054 Magnetic excitations in a geometrical frustrated spinel system S.-H. Lee* NCNR ILL cryostat Qiu
Tue Jul 27 2004 6 5155 Magnetic excitations in MnBr2[(pyz) (pyz=pyrazine) Manson*
Eastern Washington U
ILL cryostat Qiu
Mon Aug 2 2004 3 5133 Dynamics of water in single-walled carbon nanotubes Kolesnikov* and Loong
Chen and Liu*
10-325K CCR Peral
Thu Aug 5 2004 4 4944 Single particle dynamics of interfacial water confined in nanoporous silica materials MCM-41 Chen and Liu*
U. Messina
10-325K CCR Peral
Mon Aug 9 2004 1 4678 Low frequency dynamics of comminuted glasses Angell and Bhat
Copley* and Peral*
Arizona State U.
30-600K CCR Copley