DCS Instrument Schedule 200405

Date Days ID TitleParticipants Affiliation Equip Contact
Thu May 6 2004 2 4905 Phase transitions in La(1-x)Sr(x)CoO3 Louca* and Phelan*
S-H Lee*
U Virginia
10-325K CCR Qiu
Sat May 8 2004 2 4577 Dynamics of structure I ethylene oxide clathrate hydrate Jones* and Peral* NCNR 10-325K CCR Peral
Mon May 10 2004 1 4778 Phonon density of states of single walled carbon nanotubes Nemes* NCNR 10-325K CCR Copley
Tue May 11 2004 2 4887 Dynamics of hydrogen in Pr2Fe17H5 Mamontov*, Udovic* and Rush
U. Grenoble
30-600K CCR Mamontov
Thu May 13 2004 7 4678 Low frequency dynamics of comminuted glasses Angell and Bhat*
Copley* and Peral*
Arizona State U.
10-325K CCR Copley
Thu May 20 2004 1 4908 Fast dynamics of pure PMMA Garcia Sakai* and Maranas* Penn State U. 30-600K CCR Peral
Fri May 21 2004 3 4672 Self-motion of poly(ethylene-propylene) and poly(ethylene-butylene) (part 1) Maranas*, Garcia Sakai*, Liu* and Eggert* Penn State U. 30-600K CCR Peral
Mon May 24 2004 3 4954 Dynamics of trehalose near lipid bilayers (part 1) Maranas* and Garcia Sakai*
de Pablo and Ohtake*
Penn State U.
U. Wisconsin-Madison
30-600K CCR Peral
Thu May 27 2004 8 4559 Field and temperature dependence of low energy spin excitations in the frustrated pyrochlore Tb2Ti2O7 Gaulin*, Lewis, Rule* and Dunsiger*
McMaster U.

VF cryomagnet Qiu
Fri Jun 4 2004 1 4951 Magnetic fluctuations in BaVS3 Qiu* and Lee*
U Virginia
U Tokyo
ILL Cryostat Qiu
Sat Jun 5 2004 5 - No neutrons - - - -
Thu Jun 10 2004 5 4675 QENS for minimal protein cores of molten globule states Head-Gordon, Verschell, Hura and Russo* UC Berkeley None Copley
Tue Jun 15 2004 4 4677 Hydration water dynamics around well-defined secondary structure Russo*
UC Berkeley
LLB Saclay
10-325K CCR Copley